Monday, November 14, 2016

Meeting Time Changed

The time for today's meeting Monday November 14th will be at 6:00 PM instead of our usual 6:30 PM due to the operation hours at the Library changing.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Frontera Swap Bee


Several members of FQG have been inspired to work on scrap quilts and have expressed an interest in fabric exchanges and in the future possibly blocks will be exchanged as well.

I have prepared the following guidelines and will assist, however I do welcome others to step forward and be the swap masters and offer any swap ideas.

This bee is open to all members. So here we go, these are the guidelines:

1. All fabrics must be quality 100% cotton.

2. Follow fabric and size guidelines for each swap. There may be fabric variations for each swap.

3. Participants will receive the same number of fabrics or blocks that they bring to the swap.

4. Selvedges should be removed and not included in the fabric measurements or blocks

5. Seam allowances should be 1/4" and threads should be trimmed if blocks are traded.

6. Trades may be brought to the general meeting or provided to the swap master by the due date.

7. Trades will be returned to the participants as soon as possible. This will depend on the volume and the number of participants.

Smaller swaps can be completed at the general meeting of FQG, other swaps may be additional time and to swap and then return to the participants.
                                                                               Jan Beaman

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Established 2000
Volume 16 , Issue 1 JAN 2016

President’s Patch, submitted by Linda Garcia
With the holiday season over and a new year upon us, let us all make it a great one to remember!Starting with Christy Pohler's Class working with wool, learning something new or just a new technique to add to our collection of skills. Join the fun class with a great group of ladies on Sun. Jan. 10, give Jan a call or email for information or to sign up.
Wishing everyone an awesome New Year and may the sewing fairy bless you with all kinds of wonderful quilting projects to make and finish!
Happy Quilting
Linda Garcia

CHECKLIST for January 11th 2016 meeting:
1. BRING a pair of scissors for hands on demonstration
2. PICK UP your fabric block challenge from Sherri Garcia
3. Start the new year by picking up a community service project from
Cyndi Gonzalez.
4. Register for Star Fusion Class to be held on February 13th and 14th
5. Contact Pat Daily about volunteering or to display items for Winter

Texan Appreciation Day, January 18, 2016
6. Sylvi Sealy will return to Harlingen, on March 9 and 10th for a Tuffet
Workshop. Open to any and everyone. Flat fee is $220.00 plus you
provide your materials for the tuffet cover. Registration with Jan
Volume 16, Issue 1 Page 2 Jan 2016

MEMBERSHIP REPORT , submitted by Ruth Hipple

There were 35 members present and 5 guests for the December meeting. Several have paid their membership

fees for 2016 already. Be sure to get your new Membership Form ready and your $30.00 in order to enjoy all that

will be offered in the coming year.

Birthdays for January,

4-Nancy Wallace

7-Ann Moncus & Judie Zedeck

10-Judy Shelton

11-Barbara Terry

12-Sarah Hambrick

22-Kay Metheny

23-Lillian Raynor

26-Joyce Abdon

Happy Stitching in the New Year!

Ruth Hipple
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and that you all have a safe and Happy New Year! I feel the
Guild had a very successful year. We all did a fantastic job with all of the donated quilts, blankets, and pillow cases. They were all just gorgeous! I want to personally thank everyone for your help.
We were able to donate an abundance of pillow cases to Magical Christmas, La Posada, and Blue
Sunday. We also donated a good amount of quilts and blankets to Blue Sunday and to the VA. All of
the group leaders were very happy to receive our donations and said for me to be sure and thank
everyone. It was great to see them at our December meeting.
I was able to attend the Christmas party given for Magical Christmas. It was such a moving experience to see all of the children get their pillows with our pillow cases on them. I had several of the children come over to me and thank me. They would hug their pillows with a huge smile on their face and say “I love my pillow! Thank you!” If you get a chance to go next year I would highly recommend it!

Thank you again for all of your hard work!

Cyndi Gonzalez
Volume 16, Issue 1 Page 3 Jan 2016

Secretary’s Minutes 12-14-15, submitted by Sherri Garcia

1. Meeting Called to Order: Welcome 
2. Minutes: Lillian Hollabaugh moved and seconded by Yvonne Rising to approve the
November minutes as printed in the newsletter. Motion carried by membership vote.
3. Treasurer Report: Valerie Arizmendi provided monthly report. Motion to accept for audit:
Moved by Edna Butler, Seconded by Ruth Hipple. Motion carried by membership vote.
4. Membership: Ruth Hipple reported that we have 73 members with 35 present and 5 guests.
5. Education: Jan Beaman

January: Christy Pohler will be having program/workshop on wool applique.
February: Judi Zedeck – Star Fusion Workshop Feb 13-14, 2016
March: Trash to Treasure
6. Old Business: None
7. New Business:
A. Winter Texan Appreciation Day 1/18/16 from 11-2. Need quilts to display & need
volunteer to be responsible. After lengthy discussion & no volunteers, Valerie Arizmendi
made motion to decline to participate due to lack of volunteers, seconded by Carolyn
Wilson. Motion declined by vote. Pat Daily volunteered to co-chair with Cheryl Williams
& several members volunteered to help with the Expo.
B. Volunteers to audit our books: Edna Butler & Joan Anderson
8. Committee Reports:
Sunshine: Rosie Garza –nothing to report.
Community Service: Cyndi Gonzalez–made presentations to Blue Sunday, Veterans, La Posada
Publicity: Peggy Godfrey, Linda Salazar – Peggy not present, Peggy had
arranged for a reporter to attend & take pictures for an article in the newspaper.
Newsletter: Jan Beaman – No problems reported.
Parliamentarian/Historian/Blog: Cheryl Williams – Not present.
Membership Participation: Sherri Garcia – 4 winners (Catherine Raftery, Mary
Lou Garza, Valerie Arizmendi & Nyla Gordon)
Retreat: Judi Prukop, Jan Beaman – Next year’s retreat dates set for Sept
07-11, 2016. Begin registration at the February monthly meeting.
Opportunity Quilt: Sherri Garcia – Winner of quilt was Laura Wilson. Winning
ticket sold by Carolyn Wilson
9. Business Meeting Adjourned
10. Show and Share…. Nyla Gordon hosted the members in displaying their
projects. Linda Garcia, in honor of Christmas donated fat quarters (6 winners)
Volume 16, Issue 1 Page 4 Jan 2016
PROGRAMS AND WORKSHOPS, presented by Jan Beaman
January 10th, 2016
Workshop Encore RV Park ( lake bldg.)
Christy Pohler 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Wool Applique workshop, class and kit included in one fee. Completed project will be available to be seen at the November and December meetings. YES, you can still register for class!
January 11th 2016 Program Encore RV Park ( lake bldg.)
Christy Pohler 6:30 pm
Christy will be sharing her wonderful wool applique kits with us. Her wool kits are now offered to shops across the country through Checkers Notions. Our guild is lucky to have sew many talented members. At the program Christi will provide the attendees with a small rosette project as a hands on at the meeting , just to get you hooked on wool! BRING A PAIR OF SCISSORS!!!!

February 8th , 2016 Program Encore RV Park ( lake bldg.)  
Social and Fabric Exchange 6:30 pm
Bring ONE yard of Valentine theme fabric wrapped. ( In a gift bag or concealed). This fabric can be any of the following: red, hearts, flowers, candy, etc...Everyone will go home with one yard of fabric.
I think this game is called Chinese Auction, but you get to rob fabrics from one another. Always FUN !
February 13th & 14th Workshop Encore RV Park ( lake bldg.)
Judie Zedeck 9:30 to 4:30
Saturday and Sunday
Star Fusion
This will be a two day workshop taught by Judi Zedeck. She has shown this quilt to the group
and several have asked for a class. This quilt utilizes the Loc Bloc Rulers. Quilt will be available at the December meeting with a supply list. Early registration is encouraged to allow ample time for the correct number of rulers to be ordered. See attached flyer.

March 14th 2016 Program Encore RV Park (lake bldg.)
Trash to Treasure 6:30 pm
Annual fund raiser for Frontera Quilt Guild. Donate your duplicates, started projects, patterns , fabrics and any other quilt related items. Each item needs to be priced ( garage sale prices) and all pieces of the project included. Others will love the treasures they find and all funds are donated to the guild.
* Please contact me, Jan Beaman if you are interested in providing a 20 minute or more program for the guild
Suggestion would be a 1) Meet the Quilter, a good way for other members get to know your quilting life, 2)
History of a quilter in your family, with items to share with guild, 3) demonstrate a favorite technique or block
anything else , just let me know .

Volume 16, Issue 1 Page 5 Jan 2016
QUILT RETREAT 2016, submitted by Judi Prukop
You deserve to treat yourself. There is nothing like spending 5 days with
wonderful quilt guild members doing things you enjoy doing. Be sure and
mark your calendar for the 2016 Frontera Quilt Guild Retreat. It will be held
Wednesday September 7, 2016 to Sunday September 11, 2016 at the John
Newcombe Tennis Ranch outside New Braunfels, TX. NOTE: This is a
different time from last year. The price of staying at the ranch has remained
the same as last year. The retreat announcement and the retreat registration
form will appear in the February newsletter. Start putting money aside for the
retreat early. Registration will begin February 8, 2016 with a non-refundable
deposit of $150.
Sylvi Sealy will return to Harlingen to host another tuffet workshop. The dates are March 9th
and 10 , 2016 from th 9:30 to 4:00 . The first day will be sewing the panels and the second day
will be assembling the tuffet. The flat fee for the class, pattern and kit will be $220.00. Each
student will provide the fabrics of their choice . However, Sylvi will bring Kaffe Fasset or Tula
Pink fabrics for purchase . Kit includes the tuffet form, hardware and feet. This workshop is
open to any one and is NOT limited to Frontera members. Frontera WILL NOT be responsible
for travel, lodging or meals for this workshop. Register for the workshop with Jan Beaman.
Questions, please contact Jan Beaman.
Volume 16, Issue 1 Page 6 Jan 2016
Class for February 13th and 14th 2016 ( Saturday and Sunday) , taught by Judie Zedeck
Supply list available upon registration. This class uses the specialty rulers by Loc Bloc.Early registration will ensure ample time to order and receive the rulers used in the class.