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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 2012

 Volume 12, Issue 2 Page 5 Feb. 2012

Programs and Workshops submitted by Jan Beaman

February 13, 2012 Monthly Meeting Encore RV Park
Monday 6:30 PM
GAMES! We all love to play games especially if it involves fabrics. For tonight, we will play
CLR ! In order to participate each player will need to bring 6 (SIX) fat quarters of Valentine
Prints, reds, pinks, purples, or lights., no duplicates, please. This will let us play two games and
double your chances for winning.
March 3, 2012 Workshop on Sunday African Folklore Embroidery
Leora Raikin 9:30 to 4:30 The Stitching Barn
For the workshop, each student will need to bring a pair of scissors. Kit includes needles ,
threads, fabric with pattern. Cost of the class is a total of $53.00 . This fee includes the cost of
the kit of your choice.
March 4, 2012 Monthly Meeting Encore RV Park
Monday 6:30 PM
Wonderful trunk show of embroidery work from African Folklore Embroidery. Kits, panels and
threads also available for purchase . Truly great inspiration for everyone!
April 9, 2012 Monthly Meeting Encore RV Park
Monday 6:30 PM
ANNUAL TRASH TO TREASURE SALE. Everyone is asked to do a bit of spring cleaning in
your sewing room area. Gather your slightly used patterns, notions, fabrics, projects and more to
donate to the guild. Please bag or box projects in a bag/box to keep all the pieces together. Next
place a garage sale price on your items. We will begin setting up at 5:30PM. No early shopping,
please. Your donations are tax deductible and your purchases are also tax deductible. Last year
this annual event added over $1,500.00 to our education budget.

Frontera Quilt Guild members will have the opportunity to
participate in making a 12 ½ block. Each block must use part of the selected fabric provided to you at the guild meeting in February or March . The blocks may be pieced by hand or machine, appliqued by hand or machine or any combination the maker chooses.
You may add additional quality 100% cotton fabrics of you choice to complete the block.
Blocks should be 12" finished or 12 ½ unfinished
You must return your finished block to the April 9th, meeting. For each block
turned in, you name will go into the “hat”. Depending on the number of
participants, we hope to have several winners! Two gals won twenty (20)
Christmas blocks each!