Saturday, April 9, 2011

PRESIDENT’S PATCH , submitted by Juana Simmons - Six Word Memoirs

At this point you’ve got all your suff ready to bring to Encore for the April 11th meeting. Great , I am still working on mine Easter is later this month than usual but it leaves more time for our vegetation to recover from the freeze. I’ve had to replace a large number of plants- some that I have had for several years that I particularly liked! Life is nothing, if its not adjusting to the present.

Due to the lack of inspiration, I will quote :
Six Word Memoirs
Catholic School backfired, Sin is in! Seventy years , few tears, hairy ears.
Nicole Bill
Some crossed eyed kid , forgotten then found. Born in the desert, still thirsty.
Dianna Georgene
I asked, they answered. I wrote. Extremely responsible, surely longed for
Ginger opportunity. Sandra
The psychic said I’d be richer. Mom died, Dad reviewed us over.
Elizabeth Lesley
I’m my mother and I’m fine. Tombstone won’t say, bad health insurance.
Kay Dean
Wasted time regretted, so life reinvented. College was fun, Damn student loans.
Vicky Randy
Time heals all wounds? Not quite! Bespectacled, besneakered, read and ran
Jonathan around. Rachel
Supported the sublime with uncurbed enthusiasm. Middle of seven made me ME.
Jeff Susan
Recent doctorates means overeducated and Danced in fields of infinite possibilities .
under employed Paul David
Soul’d out so I could prosper. Taking a life time to grow up. Gotham Mariana
Strange name, transparent shame, instant shame, Bumble

It’s amazing when you look through a series like this what people think is important,
“Viva la difference!” Juana