Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Complicated Issues
In the August issue of Smithsonian, Carl Hiaasen talked about his new book, Star Island. He talks about humanity getting more and more weird. Some of the things he said struck a note for me, so Iam going to share; Mr. Hiaasen : “ When I go out to give speeches, I base it strictly on what I’ve seen here in Florida, which is that the human race is actually devolving, that we are moving backward on the evolutionary scale.” When asked what freak outrageous events do you fear are going to happen in the next 40 years? Hiassen states, “The level of discoveries will only get nastier. The Supreme Court decisions to let corporations pour as much money as they want into political advertising and do it anonymously - is toxic to the whole democratic process. From now on it’s basically all the free speech that money can buy.”
The next question and answer are what really got my attention, “Do you see any antidote?”
“Public outrage is the best antidote, because it often leads to change. But people can’t get out - raged without rapid access to solid, useful information - what we used to call journalism. There is so much garbage being disguised as facts and many posing as sages, but somebody has to cut through to the truth.”
This is my feeling because I can never tell who is telling the truth and is telling a lie. So much trivia on the TV and news to keep our attention, so many “sages” are on TV, news, papers, etc. all who claim to know t he answer. Which is debated by another “sage” who knows the answer, followed by others who know a different, better answer - all of whom make partial sense that I become mixed in a dilemma of what I think is the truth or the best or the most useful. Add to this the people who are only going to spout the “party line,” the ministries who rightly or wrongly, put their two bits in, so that decisions on a state or national level become more than the average person wants to spend time trying to figure it all out!
For me, I really do believe that most people are sincere in what they believe, but this totally weird system that has developed leaves the door wide open for misunderstanding of information. It would help, that if when someone is telling their opinion, for the press to do the research leading to it - or at least put it on the editorial page, so we know it is an opinion as opposed to the truth. though it was done with the best of intentions, it ended up being catastrophic.
1) When Brutes killed Caesar, he though he was saving the Romana Empire; The Roman
Empire almost collapsed upon itself with war trying to decide who would take Caesar’s place.
2) When the matrons in London found out about the natives who lived in the tip of South America and who wore no clothes , they gathered bundles of clothes from London and sent them on the next ship to the natives. The natives wore them, but that almost died of chicken pox.
3) At one point in England it was thought that teeth from one person could be implanted in another’s mouth. It worked until it was discovered that of most of the teeth carried the disease of syphilis.
4) Medications over the centuries were given to people, thinking they were good for what ailed them - Lead products, mercury products, taking blood, and even allowing armies no water.
All of these things were given or done by the best of intention by somebody or group who
thought they knew best.
Deliver me from the woman, man, group, or government who singly or as a group claim to have the answer to complicated times or issues!
End of frustration!