Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burgoyne Surrounded

The Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum hosted the Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt Exhibit Jan 14 to Mar 14. If you missed it, I posted pictures in our album. You can also see the info on the National Quilt Museum website.

The National Quilt Museum is pleased to host the 18 winning quilts of the 2009 Burgoyne Surrounded-themed New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest. These innovative quilts represent quilters from 10 different U.S. states as well as Germany.

Sponsored by Clover Needlecraft Inc., Fairfield Processing Corporation and Janome America, Inc., this international contest challenges quiltmakers to create original quilts based on a specific quilt pattern. Inspired by the traditional Burgoyne Surrounded pattern, the quiltmakers have modified the design in imaginative ways, providing a wonderful look at the skills, techniques and creativity of today's quiltmakers.

The Burgoyne Surrounded block derives from a key event in American history, the Battle of Saratoga. General John Burgoyne of the British Army devised the plan to march on Albany, NY, from Canada only to be surrounded and defeated by American militia. This battle proved to the world that the young American army was an effective fighting force, resulting in more interest in and support of the American cause.
First place was awarded to Cathryn Zeleny of Napa, CA, for her quilt titled Inevitable. Zeleny used hand-dyed fabric to create her interpretation of a valley surrounded by hills, as it might be seen from above. It is a visual metaphor for the surrender of Burgoyne and his troops at Saratoga.