Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Where does the time go? I said “the time” because time often seems like a living entity that I
should be able to rope or trick or hold back. Somehow I seem so unaware that dates have passed,
which means the numbers on the calendar have also moved - always forward and I can’t identify
what date or day I’m acting in! Every time somebody says, “I wish it was summer,” when its only
winter, I want to scream “Shut Up.” You are wishing my life away!
When I taught school, January and February would crawl by like it would last forever. Now
February not to mention January has flown by! People talk about having so much time when they
retire. Either I wasn’t watching or I was asleep because I have to think hard to remember which
year I retired. I always have more than I can do. I am busy all the time.
The oldest grandsons are 29 and 31! When did that happen? Even though they have kids,
(Well, one does have two) they both seem like about seven or nine years old. That was the year they
took off all their clothes, rolled in the mud of the irrigation ditch, came up on the front porch where
they rubbed nasty hands on the white birch which I never thought would come off. Then they went
to my back yard and rolled up in the hammocks. There I found them, naked as a jay bird! It was
several years until they told me they mooned the traffic! Oh for the days when I had the energy to
scold them.
The magazine, Reminisce upsets me when they show old 1930, 1940 and 1950 pictures and I
remember those days, the way we all looked. Surely that’s not stuff to be printed in magazines of
remembering! Then I get a glimpse of myself and think, surely this isn’t me! That lady is 45 pounds
overweight and has no necks, her boobs and butt have dropped, and hair - thinner and soft!
Whatever happened to bouncy hair that stayed in place? Oh poor me - then I look around at you!
You look like me and you’re still intelligent, vital, always making some one’s day, sending your
grand and great grand kids a new quilt, improving your skills, laughing, enjoying this life and each
other. Sigh! I hate to admit it, I really don’t want to go back there and grade all those terrible
junior and senior themes, etc.
God was right about causing time to continue on, I admit I often fight it, but I don’t want to
ruin today’s life. I have so many new friends, lunches to eat, quilts to finish and a two year old great
granddaughter to hug in March. We better grab all these things before they’re gone - because
before very long our pictures will appear in someone else’s memory - book. Grab each minute,
cherish it. Look around at a beautiful world and people to love and share who love you too.
How lucky can we be? We could be in Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places where
tomorrow is a big question - not a known but an unknown.
Spring is here and there’s things to do with people I like and some whom I even love. Come
on, Juana , get over it! Time does not stand still or wait on us, it marches on!