Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft for your Health!!!!

Excerpt From the Creative Woman Newsletter:

Crafty women don't need doctors and medical professionals to tell us what we already know: Crafting can be strong medicine for a myriad of physical and psychological ailments.

Those of us who have resolved to lose some weight this year may benefit from spending more time in the craft room. When boredom strikes, grab a paintbrush, crochet hook or glue gun instead of a doughnut. The creative process can be satisfying and effective in distracting us from those tempting treats. Instead of seeking comfort in food, seek comfort in a craft project, and you will feel more accomplished, calm and a lot less guilty.

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, meditation is often suggested for a more balanced lifestyle, and crafts can be highly meditative. For years, I have heard stories of those who feel calm and happy when crafting. Whether through repetitive movements such as needlework, using your creativity in card making, or carefully placing beads on a necklace for your friend, crafting can make us feel more calm.

Okay, Quilters.... STITCH, 2, 3, 4... STITCH, 2, 3, 4.... Breathe... relax...