Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Let's See, How Much Should I Get? "

"At least 1 yard, but then there wouldn't be enough for borders, so I better get 3 yards. This is such a good price it would be good backing for a quilt, so I better get 6 yards (90" x 108"). I have always liked this color combination so I could get enough for some pillowcases to go with the quilt, a valance for the window, too. Oh, I'll just take what's left on the bolt. I can share it with my friends who quilt. There really are some beautiful fabrics here, I think I'll look at them again."

Blogger's Note: How many of us have picked up a fat quarter or a yard and it's just not enough to do the project we wanted? I thought this was so cute I had to share it!