Friday, June 26, 2009

A fun post I found! "What's a BSK?"

Blogger's Note: Let me preface this with saying that the wonderful quiltie friends in our guild explained the BSK to be machine and all it's accessories (feet, bobbins, etc) , thread, needles, scissors, rulers you use, rotary cutter and a small mat and any supplies you find helpful when you sew at home. They will say when you need irons, iron mats, cutting mats, etc. It depends on where you take your class.
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Dear Quilt Doctor,

When I signed up for a quilting class, the initials BSK appeared on the supply list. I’m guessing it’s something I need, but I’m too embarrassed to ask. ~ Claudia from Big Foot, ID

Dear Claudia,
I’m sorry the quilting teacher did not spell it out; abbreviations can often cause confusion, especially if someone is a new quilter or learning a new technique.

BSK means basic sewing kit. At the very least, your BSK should include a scissors, needles, and thread. That’s the bare minimum for most classes though. Below is what I tell my students they should bring to class.

Must-have equipment: 45 mm rotary cutter; 18X24" rotary mat marked with a 1" grid; 6X24" acrylic ruler marked in 1/4" increments with 30-degree, 45-degree, and 60-degree angles; pencils and marking tools; two pair of scissors, one for fabric, one for paper and plastic; sewing machine; extra wound bobbins; 100-percent cotton thread to match the fabric; small iron and ironing mat; pins; hand-sewing and machine needles; pincushion.

I’d suggest that you label all of your items. You know how so many of them look alike. Also, bring to class your sewing machine manual and extra presser feet. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to work on a lesson because of an equipment malfunction.

With all of these items in your sewing basket, you’re sure to go to the head of the class!

Happy quilting …