Sunday, June 28, 2009

President's Patch

Defined By (Webster’s Ninth Collegiate Dictionary )

  • I-the one who is speaking
  • pledge- a binding promise
  • allegiance - the strict and continuing faithfulness served by a citizen to the government under whom he resides
  • to the flag - a rectangular piece of fabric of distinctive design that is used as symbol
  • of the United States of America - a federation of states forming a nation in a specified territory ( continent of North America plus islands of Hawaii )
  • and to the republic - a government having a chief of state and not a monarch and in modern times is usually the President
  • for which it stands- flag
  • one nation - legally of one specified territory
  • under God - protected, guided and instructed by
  • with liberty- suggest release from former physical restraints from control or compulsion
  • and justice - the administration of what is just by the impartial adjustments of conflicting claims of the merited rewards or punishments
  • for all.- every individual member or component of
What I learned by doing this:
  1. Calling our nation a republic means it cannot be controlled by a monarch ( King or Queen)
  2. That liberty does not mean freedom to do certain things - it means freedom from former restraints
  3. It took the Bill of Rights ( the Ten Amendments to the Constitution ) to be passed to list explicit freedoms (rights)

Bill of Rights - a summary of fundamental rights and privileges guaranteed to a people against violation by the state
Happy Hot Summer!

Baby Bear Blankets Sewing Day

(We didn't get pics of all the wonderful ladies working, but here are a few)

Our second sewing day for Baby Bear’s Blankets was a huge success. With 10 Guild members and 3 additional ladies helping, we were able to complete 31 blankets of the two different sizes (20 x 20 and 30 x 30). We were requested recently to make the additional size of the 20 x 20 blankets by the hospital for the smaller and younger babies that would be using them. The request that was made worked out well since we had a large amount of scrap material that several of the ladies were able to piece into the smaller quilts. They turned out so lovely and I’m sure that it will be a huge blessing to the families that receive them.

We were extremely blessed to be able to be at the Stitching Barn with plenty of space to spread out and work on our individual tasks. As well, we were able to enjoy the company and really get to know each other more. Linda Chase was so kind as to provide Brownie Pie and our new Baby Bear’s Blankets tradition of Chicken Salad for lunch. The 6 hours seams to fly by with conversation, iced tea and the sounds of sergers, sewing machines and laughter.

We now have close to 60 more panels that have been pieced that only need to be pillow turned and top stitched. With these that were completed today we will be able to meet a large number of the needs at Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen for 2009. The additional blankets will be donated to VBMC, Harlingen as needed and our hopes are that we will be able to branch out into the neighboring hospitals.

Thank you so much ladies for all your kindness in attending our sewing day and to all of you who donated material. You have made this dream a reality and a true blessing for all the families that will tragically be losing their precious child.

Our hope is to plan the next sewing day after retreat and close to the end of the year. As soon as we have a firm date we will be letting you know, so you can mark it on your calendar. Also, if you would like to get involved in completing some of our panels please see Linda Chase or Christy Pohler at the guild meeting.


Grammy's note: My heart was so full because of the ladies who gave their Saturdays to be a blessing. Thank you so much!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A fun post I found! "What's a BSK?"

Blogger's Note: Let me preface this with saying that the wonderful quiltie friends in our guild explained the BSK to be machine and all it's accessories (feet, bobbins, etc) , thread, needles, scissors, rulers you use, rotary cutter and a small mat and any supplies you find helpful when you sew at home. They will say when you need irons, iron mats, cutting mats, etc. It depends on where you take your class.
Read on...

Dear Quilt Doctor,

When I signed up for a quilting class, the initials BSK appeared on the supply list. I’m guessing it’s something I need, but I’m too embarrassed to ask. ~ Claudia from Big Foot, ID

Dear Claudia,
I’m sorry the quilting teacher did not spell it out; abbreviations can often cause confusion, especially if someone is a new quilter or learning a new technique.

BSK means basic sewing kit. At the very least, your BSK should include a scissors, needles, and thread. That’s the bare minimum for most classes though. Below is what I tell my students they should bring to class.

Must-have equipment: 45 mm rotary cutter; 18X24" rotary mat marked with a 1" grid; 6X24" acrylic ruler marked in 1/4" increments with 30-degree, 45-degree, and 60-degree angles; pencils and marking tools; two pair of scissors, one for fabric, one for paper and plastic; sewing machine; extra wound bobbins; 100-percent cotton thread to match the fabric; small iron and ironing mat; pins; hand-sewing and machine needles; pincushion.

I’d suggest that you label all of your items. You know how so many of them look alike. Also, bring to class your sewing machine manual and extra presser feet. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to work on a lesson because of an equipment malfunction.

With all of these items in your sewing basket, you’re sure to go to the head of the class!

Happy quilting …

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Update

My apologies for being so slow to update our blog! Here are some of the recent events...
May’s meeting was a “Make it and Take it” program by the Fancy Stitcher’s. This group of very talented ladies shared basic crazy quilting stitches and silk ribbon embroidery. A hands on kit will be available for members and guest attending the meeting. Members brought a pair of scissors and all other supplies were provided. Program that evening was on crazy
Jan Krentz had a two day course on Saturday and Sunday 6/6/09 and 6/7/09 at Picket Fence. Jan, a national quilting instructor taught new techniques, offering 3 different projects during her 2 day course. All had very explicit instructions. All the students seemed very impressed with the class and enjoyed their success in learning the techniques and making their beautiful quilts.

Click this link for her website
Saturday - JUNE 27TH, 10 - 4 STITCHING BARN... Baby Bear Blankets Sewing Day Bring your machines and/or sergers , yarn needles, sewing supplies... Let's make as many as we can to help the mothers through the loss of their infants. Info call -- Christy 264-4441
July will be our annual “Christmas in July”.

July 13, 2009 Encore RV Park presented by Local Shops 6: 30 PM
It is never too early to think about Christmas. There are always so many projects and never
enough time. Local shops, will give us a head start by showing us their new items and ideas
for the Holiday Season . Items will be available for sale!
July 12th, 2009 Possibly Stitching Barn
Workshop Sunday Afternoon 1:00 to 5:00