Friday, February 27, 2009

Are Your Irish Eyes A'smilin'?

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Ah.. February, the most windy month.. Somebody hasn’t lived in deep South Texas and forgot February’s winds! Think of it this way, it could be the last month to have lots of days to stay in and sew. I know my sewing tends to drop off as spring and summer days return.
March is the month to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This day is celebrated in every state and in most every country due to the dispersion fo the Irish after the potato famine in Ireland.
A larger number of the Irish came to New York and had a difficult times adjusting to the United States, but left an indelible mark by leaving a large percent of our population with a “wee bit” or more of Irish blood.
It is said that in US history the first group to come and stay were the English who built large homes. They were followed by the Germans who built huge barns and third over the Appalachians came the Irish who built whiskey stills.Well my family came in that group to the hills of Eastern Tennessee. How many of you have a “wee bit” or more of the Irish blood? I am going to ask you at the meeting. How many of you have been to New York on St. Patrick’s Day? Hm... therein lies the story....
Meanwhile, this month is very important for bringing your $100.00 deposit to reserve yourplace at the Frontera Quilt Guild Retreat 2009 in New Braunsfels, Texas. We need 30 attendees to secure the very large and spacious ball room for the sewing room for the group. Please remember your deposit if you intend to go with us. Contact Juli May for details.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quilt Patterns from History

I found a very interesting site that tells about some quilt history and where blocks got their names.
Click this link:
Free Patchwork Quilt Patterns

This came from an web site that talks about using quilts for school by Barbara Frank which has several other links for quilt history.

Click this link:
Using quilts in Homeschooling

I hope you find some of it interesting!